GitHub: where to see all my issues?

szabgab profile image Gabor Szabo ・1 min read

Although I have been using GitHub for ages I am probably not a very knowledgable user.

For example I have not idea how to see all the issues in all of my projects? Both project in my account and project in the various organizations I belong to.

Another thing that I would like to see is all the pull-requests waiting for me in all these projects.

How can I get this information? Does GitHub provide it? Is there some third-party solution?


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Hey! You can also add the help tag to your post so that it becomes visible to people that could help

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GitHub also has an API with fairly high limits. So if that doesn't work, you can use the API to build something custom.

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Gabor Szabo Author

That reminds me a while ago I wrote a related blog post, but I remember I was not too satisfied with the results. code-maven.com/github-pull-request...