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I built a status page using React and GitHub Issues

Status Page Demo

So recently I've been having a look at status pages and haven't really found any that I felt worked for me. so I decided to create one myself.

Ideally I wanted a free and simple status page but most I found were either self-hosted or had to be built each time a Component is updated or an Incident is reported.

I created it using React and the GitHub API so there is no need to rebuild and redeploy when you add an Incident or update a Component, simply update the GitHub Issue and the status page will update live.

Here are some of the features

  • Easy setup
  • Component reporting to show the current status of your services
  • Incident reporting
  • Hosting on GitHub Pages or other hosting providers
  • Live updating status page
  • Use Zapier Triggers to update the status page
  • Easy integration with services and monitoring


Let me know what you think of the idea and the project overall :)

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