#100DaysOfPython Day 1: Hello World, Data Types & Strings

Tae'lur Alexis ๐Ÿฆ„โš› on November 16, 2019

What Led Me To Choose Python As My 2nd Language and why blog? Frankly, I needed a break from front-end development with JavaScript and... [Read Full]
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I'm currently learning paython, and I learned all about fundamentals , but I'm still struggling how to write functions with multiple parameters , setting the write decisions!, with this I decided to go back and focusing on basics , algorithms.


Nice start. Will follow and see the similarities/differences between my experiences coming into Python from an old-school Unix admin background, and yours as a frontend dev. All the best!


Welcome to Python.. Good luck on the 100 days!


It was really interesting and looking forward to the next post so I can complete it quickly. Thank you for taking time to write this for the community.


Thanks. Completed day 1 and 2 so far. Coming from SQL world (Oracle, sql server, ssis, Ssrs Tableau), so far I am following along. Thanks for putting this together!


In the post, it states that I write posts every day but that the articles will be released over time:)


Hi Tae'lur! I follow you on Twitter! Good to see you here on DEV. I'm looking forward to following your 100 Days of Python! It sounds like quite the challenge!


Great post! Love the format and how succinct it is. Noticed you made a small typo though



Great write-up!
I just started my journey to programming with python and your idea of #100DaysOfPython really fascinates me. Tomorrow, I am going to kick-start the challenge.


Cool, my main language is Python atm. Would you recommend me trying 100 days of JS?


It doesn't hurt to try! Always try to remember that it's not a failure if you can't find time every single day to study though


Great Post Tae'lur Alexis, it helps beginners like me. I am going to follow these posts.



I am beginner on python and will keep following your path. Thanks for hard working and sharing heart.


This is a nice start and also a way to refresh topics for me. @taeluralexis are you planning to publish a post every day for this? (I am not seeing the continuation to this on dev.to)


They won't be published every single day. I'm just converting the notes into blog posts and they'll be scheduled out over time.



String = 'Hello'
Index= 0,1,2,3,4


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