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Discussion on: How did you get into programming in the first place?

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tag hatle

If I'd never heard of it called "web development" I probably would never have gotten into it. I was never very "math-y" but I was deep into HTML and CSS with Neopets and MySpace and LiveJournal, and my first job was as a secretary where I was a web admin (without the title or pay of course), the general Help Desk, and the "find-an-open-source-version-of-this-software-and-make-it-work-by-Sunday" person. I've worked for years in tech support now and after trying the college thing a few times realized I'd need to find an alternative to move up in the world, and I didn't want that alternative to be management.

So "web development" sounded like something I could do -- I knew HTML and CSS pretty well even if my eye for design isn't so hot. From there, I started realizing that programming languages are just that, languages, and anyone can learn them. It's not about any inherent ability, it's about problem-solving. I'm starting to see myself as a "web developer" and I'm thinking that being a "programmer" might not be beyond my abilities too.