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Hi all! I am Taha.
I've been an app developer for 10 years. My main focus was desktop programming in my career for the most part. I participated in big HR projects in Turkey for the state. I was also a part of a rheumatology health project in which C#, WPF and PRISM technologies involved.
Now I changed the course of my career towards mobile app development. I am developing cross platform apps using Xamarin Native. C# and VS are my indispensable environment. I worked with XCode and Android Studio too. But none of which satisfied me in general. I don't want to be a language and IDE religious but I think MS is the most suitable envionment for me IMHO.
I try to

  • keep myself updated what I am working on,
  • write clean and reusable code,
  • be open to innovative ideas even if it requires taking some risks.

I am here to learn something new from you, valuable people. And I'm ready to share what I know with the others.
Happy coding!

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