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Fight Covid-19 - Online Hackathon

Hi Developers and Hackers.

We have an important challenge for you 😷

Fight COVID-19 Open Challenge is an open collaboration effort in which volunteers, designers, students, researchers, computer scientists, health workers, startups, software developers, business developers and others will cooperate and produce creative solutions which can help fight against the current health crisis introduced by COVID-19.

This global hackathon is an opportunity for developers to build software solutions that drive social impact.


  • Create technological solutions to help health professionals to deal with the huge amount of patients that are clogging our health services.
  • Create concise informational (infographics, videos, written) materials to raise awareness about the virus transmission and spreading factors, epidemic geographic focal points and the right measures to circumvent the transmission.
  • To call on more people to participate and create works including product prototypes, coding, user experience design, and business or social impact models to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • To encourage social innovation so that we can help the fight against the epidemic with open collaboration and hence create shared value among volunteers, institutions, businesses enterprises, and platforms.


  • Health Services
  • Epidemic Analytics
  • Covid-19 Information Materials


All project resources (source code, designs, presentation, documentation, sketches, etc.) must be submitted as a TAIKAI Project. All submissions must be in English and must be the original work of the submitter team.

Project Description with:

  • A description that includes a brief explanation of what the solution is and what problem is it tackling;
  • Screenshots or pictures from the Application;
  • Open Source Code link;
  • Technology stack or services used;

Register your application at TAIKAI

Join this global battle 💪

"Let's find solutions faster than the virus spreads! ✨

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