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【Finally…】Announcing the Official Launch of AskMakers v2.0

Oh…I am so sleepy…because I launched AskMakers 2.0 on Product Hunt and I have been monitoring it almost without sleeping😪

The first version of it was launched about 10 months ago.
I worked so hard on it and it got over 100 upvotes within 24 hours for the first time🤩

To make an app useful, I sent emails to ask successful makers to join AskMakers.
I am nobody, just a software developer from Tokyo (currently in Vancouver), however, some of them signed up on and support it!! Unbelievable🤯

Thank you Justin, Hari, Amie, Jonathan, and Jaime😆

After that, it took 10 months until the launch of 2.0…
I always thought like I need to add more features to launch, and I felt like I can never launch it…I should not try to be perfect.

This post pushed my back very hard.

Eventually, I decide to launch AskMakers 2.0!

BTW, it's live on Product Hunt.
Please check it AskMakers 2.0 - Ask experienced makers questions💡

🛠 New stack

I know most users don't care what kind of technology the product use but…yeah, I just did.
・Next.js for SSR
・Totally new design with Tailwind CSS
I used to use Nuxt.js and Bulma for AskMakers, but I wanted to make SSR and use React, so I chose Next.js.

🎨 Renewed UI

Renewed UI
I have worked so hard to make it better for users to browse AskMakers.
I am not a designer so I did research, learned, and applied my new knowledge to AskMakers.

👨‍🎤 New featured makers

Jonathan and Jaime joined AskMakers 2.0.
Thank you!

🔍 Search questions

Search questions gif anime

🚀 Categories


When I sent an email to @dinkydani21 about AskMakers, she told me the categories and search functionality are absolutely necessary for AskMakers.
I agree! What kind of web applications like this doesn't have these functionalities?
I wrote a code and implemented it ASAP.
Thank you for the kind feedback @dinkydani21 😊

💬 Comment on the answer

The discussion is very important, therefore I added the commenting feature!

📧 Email notifications

You receive an email notification when you receive an answer, an upvote on your answer, your answer gets bookmarked, or someone comments on your answer.
You can turn off the notifications on your setting page👌

🔮 More to come

I am very excited about the future!!
I talked with my friend @shyamady and I think I got a very promising idea for the v3.0.
Can't wait to show you!

Stay tuned👨🏻‍🎤

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