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Go - The note on "omitempty"


json.Marshal outputs empty json strings if the struct has a Value-type struct marked "omitempty"

So I usually use Ptr-type struct as a struct field.

package main

import (

type ValueSlice struct {
    Values []V `json:"b,omitempty"`

type PtrSlice struct {
    Values []*V `json:"b,omitempty"`

type ValueStruct struct {
    Value V `json:"value,omitempty"`

type PtrStruct struct {
    Value *V `json:"value,omitempty"`

type V struct {
    Value string `json:"value"`

func main() {
    v1 := &ValueSlice{}
    v2 := &PtrSlice{}
    v3 := &ValueStruct{}
    v4 := &PtrStruct{}

    bv1, _ := json.Marshal(v1)
    bv2, _ := json.Marshal(v2)
    bv3, _ := json.Marshal(v3)
    bv4, _ := json.Marshal(v4)

    fmt.Printf("bv1: %v\n", string(bv1))
    fmt.Printf("bv2: %v\n", string(bv2))
    fmt.Printf("bv3: %v\n", string(bv3))
    fmt.Printf("bv4: %v\n", string(bv4))
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bv1: {}
bv2: {}
bv3: {"value":{"value":""}}
bv4: {}
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I have just realized that I can use "The Go Playground" today🤣

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