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5 Advanced PHP Tricks That Only Expert PHP Developers Follow

Advanced PHP is the latest version of PHP available under the license GPL. It offers enhanced performance, better security, and tools that help developers create web applications faster. Advanced PHP was released on October 21, 2018, and Sebastian Bergmann has spearheaded its development. Since then, it has gained popularity amongst many projects. The language offers enhanced performance, better security, and tools that help developers create web apps faster.

Advanced PHP is a modular software package that takes an array of technologies and combines them into one. It is designed to make it easy for users to add and customise functions to suit their needs. Advanced PHP is primarily aimed at enterprise-level usage. However, it is scalable, robust, and used on multiple platforms. The PHP framework has been around since the late 1990s, but it was not until the release of version 5 in December 2006 that it became popular with developers and administrators alike.
Importance of Advanced PHP
Advanced PHP is an umbrella term that refers to various programming languages, frameworks, tools, and practices. It was first coined in 2004 when a group of developers started using the term as an all-encompassing way of describing their latest developments in PHP development.

Advanced PHP includes features such as:

  • Static Typing
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Composer
  • Dependency Injection Pattern (DI)
  • A domain-specific language (DSL) - A set of code written for one particular application domain, designed for clarity and brevity.

Advanced PHP allows developers to take advantage of encapsulation, object-oriented programming, and OOP. A lot of new features have been added to it over the years. As more and more websites are built on the advanced PHP framework, more and more developers have started learning it. This has also led to a wide range of projects created using advanced PHP frameworks. Advanced PHP is one of the most critical technologies in website development today as developers use it to build various features like web apps, digital agencies, e-commerce stores, etc.
Five Advanced PHP Tricks that Only Expert Developers Follow

Advanced PHP is the most popular programming language used on the internet, and It has been through many iterations. It's popular because many industries and companies are using it. The popularity of advanced PHP is due primarily to its stability, ease of use, and speed. Advanced PHP can also be extended to create new features in other programming languages such as Python or Ruby.

PHP is easy to learn and has many developers supporting it. Advanced PHP not only makes your code easier to read but also accelerates your website's performance.

Here are the five PHP tricks that only expert developers follow when they learn PHP –

  • Learn object-oriented programming
  • Write self-documented code
  • Learn to use a PHP framework
  • Get the size of the specified URL or file
  • Build your own framework

1. Learn object-oriented programming

Most new PHP programmers learn how to write procedural code without any structure or organisation. Of course, there is nothing wrong with procedural code, but as you grow, you will discover that you have to divide and organise your code better if you want to make a better website. Then, the developer can break down the code into classes and object calls, where object-oriented programming comes in. So, before you begin work on an actual project, make sure you thoroughly understand OOPs.

2. Write self-documented code

Whether they use PHP or another language for server scripting, this is the best tip for every developer. Unfortunately, beginners can forget variable names, classes names, and sometimes the entire section code. Because of this, it is always recommended to write self-scripting code with appropriately named variables, functions, and classes that you can remember easily. Adding comments can also help you distinguish the different sections in the code.

3. Learn to use a PHP framework

Developers get a lot of work done more straightforward, and the development process is more efficient and effective when they use frameworks. The development community considers Laravel one of the best PHP frameworks available today. It is therefore advisable to give Laravel or other frameworks a try.

4. Get the size of the specified URL or file

Using the function filesize(), you can find out the size of a file. It is a beneficial function because it can perform many different tasks. The echo command lets us create a string of text and repeat it back while adding some additional information at the beginning or end of the string. It allows us to have multiple outputs in our PHP. It is possible to get the size of a specified URL or File by using it with echo. To simplify your work, remember to use "echo filesize("test.txt");" wherever necessary.

5. Build your own framework

Whether it is just for learning or development, build a PHP framework of your own once you have learned how to use a framework. The process of mimicking how these frameworks work is a great practice routine for developers. Additionally, you will encounter a variety of new advanced PHP methods when building your framework. It would help if you tried them.


PHP has been around for over 20 years and is one of the most popular open-source programming languages. It has been used to build websites, web applications, and software systems. There are many reasons why companies choose to use PHP in their projects. One reason is that it's easy to learn, and it comes with a lot of features out-of-the-box. It also allows developers a lot of flexibility in the coding process because they can easily use different frameworks and environments. The other reason is its popularity - PHP appeals to developers who prefer working with code on their own and those who need assistance from software developers or system administrators.

However, PHP being so old and famous, provides you with a massive community of developers that often helps you out on your journey. If you want to learn PHP and start your career, the community is also an enormous help besides the courses.

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