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How's your Google-fu?

I remember hearing the "Google-fu" expression forever ago on the Coding Horror blog. While my Google-fu may be a little stale, here goes what I use quite often.

123 * 45

Can be quicker than your firing up the calculator and typing it there.

1 usd to brl

The graph displayed along is quite nice.

translate cadeira

No need to navigate to just for that.

no silver bullet filetype:pdf

Watch out because pdf files can be dangerous. Always double-check the URL.

no silver bullet

"why * is my favorite programming language"

Quotations and asterisk goes together just like... oh well.


I've used DDG for quite a while in the past and I remember fondly how smart some of its replies can be:

shorten down
password 20
weak password
strong password
json beautifier
url encode aรงaรญ
calendar 1 jan 1999
lorem ipsum
html chars
ascii table

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