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RSBadges: Create Code Badges in Rust

We've just launched our first open source project at Tangram Vision.

RSBadges is a Rust-friendly badge generator. The interface strives to be minimal while still providing a feature-rich API. Both the label (the left side) and the message (the right side) of the badge can be customized fully, with the ability to:

  • Set text
  • Set color using any valid CSS color code
  • Embed a link into each side or a link for the whole badge
  • Add a logo (in SVG format) from a local source or a URL
  • Embed that logo's data into the badge directly
  • Set the style of badge, as described in

RSBadges can be used as an API or a command line interface (CLI).

Check it out on GitLab here

Got feedback? We'd love to hear it!

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