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I ported openskill.js to python. No need to rely on the TrueSkill package and worry about licensing issues anymore.

For a while we've had no good free alternative to trueskill. Anyone that used trueskill was always plagued with doubt about whether there would be any repercussions for using it in commercial projects. Luckily there was already a package for javascript that solved this issue by implementing the Weng-Lin Bayesian ranking system. So I decided to port it to python. Hope this is useful to the general Python community and those creating systems that need ranking.


pip install openskill
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>>> from openskill import Rating, rate
>>> a1 = Rating()
>>> a1
Rating(mu=25, sigma=8.333333333333334)
>>> a2 = Rating(mu=32.444, sigma=5.123)
>>> a2
Rating(mu=32.444, sigma=5.123)
>>> b1 = Rating(43.381, 2.421)
>>> b1
Rating(mu=43.381, sigma=2.421)
>>> b2 = Rating(mu=25.188, sigma=6.211)
>>> b2
Rating(mu=25.188, sigma=6.211)
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If a1 and a2 are on a team, and wins against a team of b1 and b2, send this into rate:

>>> [[x1, x2], [y1, y2]] = rate([[a1, a2], [b1, b2]])
>>> x1, x2, y1, y2
([28.669648436582808, 8.071520788025197], [33.83086971107981, 5.062772998705765], [43.071274808241974, 2.4166900452721256], [23.149503312339064, 6.1378606973362135])
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You can also create Rating objects by importing create_rating:

>>> from openskill import create_rating
>>> x1 = create_rating(x1)
>>> x1
Rating(mu=28.669648436582808, sigma=8.071520788025197)
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When displaying a rating, or sorting a list of ratings, you can use ordinal:

>>> from openskill import ordinal
>>> ordinal(mu=43.07, sigma=2.42)
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