Popup with Pure CSS

Tayfun Erbilen on October 10, 2019

Before start to article, I'm sorry for my bad english. I'm still improving my self. So, let's start. I believe, we don't need to use Javascript in... [Read Full]
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Nice! It's worth mentioning that there's also a native HTML element <dialog>: css-tricks.com/some-hands-on-with-...

Unfortunately it's not widely supported by browsers now: caniuse.com/#search=dialog


Great! What about accessibility? It's a key point of doing good pop-up, I guess?


I thinks the main accessibility problem with this approach is that the focus is not "locked" in the popup. See an overview of the current way of doing that here: stackoverflow.com/a/44481275/1789900

EDIT: also relevant developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/W...


Well yeah, we need to use javascript, I know, but for little things I believe we can use pure css :)


Thanks for the post! Always looking for new people to follow

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