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Five Killer Twitter Tips for Crypto Projects

There’s a good reason the Dogefather aka Elon Musk wants Twitter — those who can react fastest will fare better than the rest. As Musk said in a recent interview, Twitter has become the town square and if you have a crypto project in the wings, now is the best time to find the best position in the plaza.

So, without further ado here are five tips to tweak your Twitter.

Search and be found

Twitter is arguably the most powerful social media network on earth, even though it does not rank in the global top ten in terms of users: a recent Statista study put Twitter rather surprisingly at 14th, while Wikipedia has it at 17th). But how? It’s the site’s unique search options that make the site so attractive to project managers.

These advanced data options, alongside a plethora of third-party apps, allow Twitter users to hone in on and target almost any demographic. Twitter’s advanced search function also allows users to search for every conceivable term, so even if you can only remember a few words of a tweet you’re looking for, Twitter will help you find it.

Whilst there’s no denying Twitter’s search functions are awesome, even the best of us have flaws but thanks to Twitter’s massive fan base, there’s a good chance someone else found and fixed it first. One great example is the Search Twitter Bookmark’s Chrome extension. The upgrade adds an additional search feature to Twitter’s own bookmark section, something Twitter itself does not allow.

One-click tricks

The Twitter biome has long outgrown the nest and the site’s success has spawned vast numbers of third-party apps, services, sites, influencers, and experts. One of the most useful of these strands is the availability of ‘lists’.

Helpful folks from all over the world have created specially curated profile lists in almost every conceivable sector you can imagine. As you’d expect, there are plenty of crypto lists, and following these lists with the right app or extension takes a single click.

Historically, it would take journalists years to develop databases like these, which gives us a little window into just how powerful Twitter is. There are many ways to use lists inside and outside the Twitter app, or you can use a browser extension like this one to follow all of another account's followers.

Broadcast from Spaces

Sure, Twitter’s great for sharing the hottest memes or even just retweeting a cool tweet, but the site can also be used to share and even host other media. Twitter’s Spaces feature allows anyone to host a live audio chat and invite up to 12 other people to join in the discussion. These Spaces are aired live, and anyone can listen to them. This is a great way to hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, or you even just use it to start a podcast. Spaces can be recorded by the host and shared again later, and listeners have the option to grab a 30-second clip to share themselves.

Industrious espionage

Where Twitter really excels is when it comes to analysis. Using Twitter's advanced search features and some off-site apps and sites, users can take deep dives into any sector, competitor, or potential partner. With Twitter, it’s not only easy to see how many followers a competitor has, but you can also physically see where they are, what content their followers prefer, and the best time zones for peak Tweet engagement. There’s even a browser extension that can find key information on every Twitter account linked to a page.

Picture perfect

Not every strategy requires an angle, or indeed a browser extension. Some, like jazzing up your profile, simply require a little common sense. Good profiles often have a single portrait picture,, a snappy tagline, and a short, but comprehensive biography that includes a couple of relevant #hashtags.  Hashtags are the secret sauce that drives Twitter, and you’ll want to make sure the tags you use are appropriate to your profile because Twitter uses these tags to categorize your account.

In summary

There you have it, five easy Twitter hacks to nudge your numbers. These are, of course, only my personal suggestions and there are many other ways to amplify your message in the world’s town square. Feel free to add your own Twitter strategies in the comments and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

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