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The Javax to Jakarta mess, and a Gradle solution

Thomas Broyer on April 18, 2022

EDIT(2022-11-18): There's a new Gradle plugin to help us. Continue reading for details. Nearly five years ago, Oracle was preparing the release of...
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Alexander B.K.

I am still learning Java, with ultimate goal of using Java EE. That's why I visit this article to know more about the current situation of Java EE aka J2EE. This news discourages me a bit, esp when I want to use it for production.
However, I am trying to be positive; since I am still in the phase of learning, I think I can still use Java EE 8 for my own development. Moreover, I plan to use Spring framework for real projects.
I don't know if Spring uses Java EE in its core. Maybe you would let me know, so I won't become confused more.
Recently, I am interested in C# and .Net as a strong alternative to Java, for building various kinds of apps, including for mobile using .Net MAUI, and Internet of Things (IOT). Once I get a Raspberry Pi, I think I want to get started on building a simple IOT app.

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Thomas Broyer

Almost nobody uses Java EE or Jakarta EE (except big enterprise-y corps), most people use Spring Boot, or more recently Quarkus or Micronaut. They all rely on APIs that are part of Java EE / Jakarta EE but they're not Java EE / Jakarta EE.

I, for one, use neither, for many reasons.