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Discussion on: Use next.js with react-router

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Timothée Clain

What do you mean "a sour reaction" ? That's seem to be pretty intense reaction for a simple blog post. I guess that we are all free as engineers to share approach and ideas. If an approach is not efficient enough, or whatever disagreement it can be, we should stay no matter what respectful and answer only based on facts. anyway keep up the good work.

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Mike Stop Continues

Zeit's business model is in hosting Next.js sites, so it's in their best interest to reduce the customization they allow to end users. Tons of people would rather use react-router (just see the github issues), and it's entirely possible to preserve all the other next features in doing so. But supporting such a different way of routing would mean way more headaches for their business than they seem to think is worth it. I don't blame them, but I also prefer "toolkit"-style libraries over opinionated monoliths, so I'm trying to move away from Next after a brief experiment while react-static was on hiatus.