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Telescope v2.9.0

This week is the time for releasing Telescope v2.9.0 with many new features coming up. I personally have not added any new codes for this release, but I learn the new codes from teammates by reviewing the PRs.

What I have done?

While reviewing the PRs, I honestly always run to a wall because I might not know what the PR is about, and there are also some new codes that I have never seen before. I usually head to the related issues or PRs that are mentioned, then trying to know the background of the code. Even though it takes some times, but it works for myself during the review time. I was suggested to ask the assignee about the codes, or testing it and reporting what I have done.

Francesco has moved the front-end from src/web to src/web/app and I was struggling when pulling the new codes from Master branch. I don't know why I have 47 uncommitted changes in src/web when I get the new codes from Master. I thought it was because I did not pnpm install when I get the new codes, however, it still didn't work and 47 changes were still there. I was told to remove the src/web then restoring it again, everything was fine after all.

I also reviewed some PRs about configuring ESLint for the project. And I could see that supertest was the most confused part for the PRs that I reviewed. Because some of the projects used the supertest for their tests, but some of them were not. So when reviewing ESLint PRs, I have to go back to the *.test.js file to see if supertest is used.

When reviewing PR #3309, at first I think localhost and localhost:80 are different, however, when I test it locally, I try to access to both of them, and it return the same answer -> both are the same. When running Docusaurus by pnpm start, it will run the development side of the Docusaurus. But in this PR, I just know that we are generating the static site for this, and then putting it under nginx to serve our static content.

Final thoughts

Each has its own perks. I am learning the codes by reviewing it if am not writing the new one. Review is still important as writing code because we can see our own mistakes when writing the code, and see how others will do when approaching to the same problem that we might have mistakes. I realize that my coding skills are still not good enough in my opinion, because I don't have any optimal ways when coding. And review others' PRs is one of the solutions that I will be looking for my answer.

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