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Episode 56: AI and Machine Learning for Kids with Dale Lane (@dalelane)

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In this episode, Kelly and Sean talk with Dale Lane an IBM Event Streams Lead Developer. - IBM awarded Dale, the 2018 IBM Volunteer Excellence Award—the highest form of volunteer recognition given by the company—which also earned a USD 10,000 grant from IBM for Solent Youth Action.

“Machine learning systems are all around us. We all use, interact with, or are affected by, machine learning systems every day. If our goal is to help children to understand how the world around them works, then understanding machine learning is an important topic. Also, the impact machine learning systems will have on our lives will only continue to increase. There is a growing need for society to make decisions about how we want such systems to be managed, controlled, and regulated. Understanding machine learning is an essential topic to help the next generation engage in that societal debate.”
Dale Lane IBM Interview

Special Guest: Dale Lane.

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