Give Up Perfection!

Robert Ecker on July 04, 2017

I wanted to write about that topic for weeks or maybe even months. But I never started. Until now! Something was holding me back from writing this ... [Read Full]
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I feel like you described the inside of my head. I eventually learned to let go of my striving for perfection at work because there are deadlines and other obstacles, but when writing personal blog posts I still struggle with it. I guess I will have to revisit your post before I write another of my posts :).

For the language side of things, being a non-native English speaker too, what gives me a peace of mind before publishing a post is running it through a grammar checker. There are some free options out there.

PS. I absolutely love the cover for this post!


Thank you so much for this feedback! Words like that really help to keep up the motivation for writing :)


Great article. I find myself stuck in the cycle of writing code then refactoring because I think the code isn't good enough. I sometimes spend way too much time doing that when really the code is fine.

As far as English being your second language, don't let that hold you back. I think most people can put together a message pretty well (consider people getting drunk texts? 😂). That's also one of the great things about programming. It doesn't matter what language you speak because code is universal (obviously C# is different from JS, C++, etc but you get the point).

Thanks for contributing!


Thanks for your feedback :)
Yes, I also learned that it can often be applied for coding as well as for writing blog posts!


Yes! Great post. As Voltaire said: "Perfect is the enemy of good"

I remember David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails, saying that unless you code for peacemakers or self-driving cars, being good enough is just fine.

It doesn't mean that we don't strive for better every time, but chasing perfection will all drive us crazy.


@robert ,
Your article led me to write my first ever dev.to post. Thanks :)


Wow, this is really motivating for me, too! :)


Great Article... 😍😍😍😍😍

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