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Collection of examples for beginner webMethods-io developers. It consists of common use cases and starting points for developers getting up to speed with Each example will contain instructions on how to recreate itself from a blank project.

Table of Contents

  1. Hello Email
  2. Pagerduty-Slack
  3. SalesForceLeads-Slack
  4. Github-Slack
  5. Slack-Twitter-Linkedin
  6. AWS-Lambda
  7. Twilio-Receive-SMS
  8. Twilio-Send-SMS
  9. Cumulocity-S3
  10. Cumulocity-Freshdesk
  11. Convert-XML-JSON
  12. Dropbox-Sendemail

Further Instructions

For further instructions visit the repository at GitHub: webmethodsio-examples

** Software AG open code at:**


Forking and pull requests are welcome. For bugs related to the code please create an issue in the Github Repository. For any questions or requests, please post a comment below.

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