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Laravel 8 Custom Login and Registration Example

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Hello, how are you doing? Today, I am going to teach us how to do user authentication in Laravel 8. As you all know, the Laravel team released the latest version last week which is Laravel 8, and as expected, there is some difference between the previous Laravel 7 and this present version. Some of the difference is highlighted in my previous post on how to create a CRUD application with, Laravel 8, it is a step by step guide in creating a CRUD Project Management app.
Previously, in Laravel 7 and Laravel 6 in other to do user authentication, we use an artisan command composer require laravel/ui while from Laravel 5.9 downwards uses php artisan make:auth

In Laravel 8, there is a major change in that area in the sense that many things are introduced and a lot of configurations have been done to get you started and not minding the boilerplate of your application, one of those changes is the introduction of Jetstream, Laravel Jetstream is a beautifully designed application scaffolding for Laravel. A major shift from the legacy authentication UI of Laravel.

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Without saying much, let’s dive into the new features of Laravel 8.

Step 1: Install a new Laravel app
composer create-project laravel/laravel projectapp --prefer-dist

The command above only install Laravel, however, if you want to install Jetstream together then either

Laravel new projectapp --jet


composer require laravel/jetstream

we are going with the first of only installing Laravel, I want to explain other things in the process.

I highlighted some changes noticed in the installation of Laravel 8 from the previous Laravel versions, you can check them out in my previous post Laravel 8 CRUD.

Laravel 8 Custom Login and Registration Example

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