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Dynamic CRUD Example with Repository Design Pattern in Laravel

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Hi, Guys i always try to find something new article for laravel developer so that can be help for his development. So Today i will share with you amazing tutorial of laravel sortable table example, you can can sort your table field with pagination. We will do it column sorting using kyslik/column-sortable composer package in laravel 6, laravel 7 and laravel 8 app.

As we much know, sorting is important to find quick and perfect data. If you want to get ascending date or descending date of creation users then you have to simple sort data and then get. So same way if you want for name, price, id etc. So here i will explain how to do it using kyslik/column-sortable package.

kyslik/column-sortable package provide simple sorting function and they use font Awesome icons for default, you can also customize it. They provide sortable() helper for query builder.

I will give you very simple example from scratch, so you can easily understand and customize as you want. you can also use in your laravel different version, So here i am going to share from scratch.

After end of the tutorial you will get layout like as bellow and easily sorting with each field. So let's just follow.

Dynamic CRUD Example with Repository Design Pattern in Laravel
Laravel 8.x Table Column Sorting Example with Pagination

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