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Free eBook - Real-World Xamarin.Forms Succinctly


Learning how to develop cross-platform mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms is great, but if you’re new to mobile development, or are using Xamarin.Forms in an enterprise setting for the first time, there are many unique scenarios to consider. In Real-World Xamarin.Forms Succinctly, author Alessandro Del Sole draws from his experiences developing enterprise mobile apps to guide you through common challenges. Topics addressed include biometric authentication, secure communications, document sharing, and more.


  • Cross-Platform Device Capabilities
  • Local Settings: Preferences and Secure Storage
  • Implementing Biometric Authentication
  • Local Data Access with SQLite
  • Working with Web API and JSON
  • Securing Communication with Certificate Pinning
  • App Center: Drive Business Decisions with Analytics
  • Displaying After Effects Animations with Lottie
  • Displaying and Sharing Documents
  • Managing the Screen on New iPhonesImplementing Biometric Authentication

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