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Angular 9/8 CLI Commands: Install Angular CLI On Windows 10, Linux and macOS

Angular CLI is an essential tool for Angular developers. In this post, you'll get started using the latest Angular CLI 9 version, on Windows 10, Linux and macOS, to initialize Angular apps and various artifacts like modules, services, directives, and components, etc.

What is Angular CLI 9? 🤔

Angular CLI is an official command-line interface utility built by the Angular team to help developers initialize and build Angular projects without dealing with complex tools like webpack.

It's based on Node.js and available from NPM.

✋✋✋ At this time, Angular CLI 9 is the latest pre-release version.

As an example, we'll create a simple car insurance front-end web application. Continue reading the full tutorial 🚀.

✋✋✋ This tutorial is also valid for Angular 8.

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