Learning Ruby: From Zero to Hero

TK on December 02, 2018

“Ruby is simple in appearance, but is very complex inside, just like our human body.” — Matz, creator of the Ruby programming language Why lea... [Read Full]
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Great article!
There is a small mistake in For looping example compared to While. In your example result is printing from 1 to 9 because the range was defined to exclude number 10, the correct one is 1..10 instead of 1...10.


That one was a tricky one! Thanks for the feedback. I've just updated it :)


Hello!, nice article, I was wandering what tool are you using for create this kind of image res.cloudinary.com/practicaldev/im...


I actually draw it and take a picture from my phone :)


Excellent article TK! More please!


Thanks! It's my second most-favorite language, definitely more elegant and more suitable for OOP than Python. + of course Rails is just fantastic.

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