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Looking for people to collaborate with ? Join our community to find like-minded people.

Join our web dev community to find helpful and like-minded individuals join here

UNDER Web World is a new Discord server for developers who...

πŸ₯ Want to find like-minded individuals with similar interests in web development.
πŸ¦„ Need help on their web-related projects.
🐸 Seek to hire talented developers, or seek to be hired for their talents.
🧬 Want a place to share, talk about, and find information on web-related projects.
⚑ Looking for collaborators for your projects.

Web developers of all kinds are invited whether you're a pro, a beginner, or simply are interested in learning a thing or two, you're welcome to join us.

We currently have channels for a bunch of JavaScript frameworks, such as React.js and Electron.js. We've also created channels for most of the common languages, such as CSS, HTML, PHP, Python, and more.

We're actively developing this server, so we're open to creating new web-related channels desired by users.

The server also has a fair bit of recruiters and a bunch of people have already been hired πŸ˜‰.

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