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Image Uploader Using Appwrite

Overview of My Submission

Through our interactive Image uploader, user can store their precious and memorable images and safe them for future use.

Submission Category:

Wacky Wildcards

Link to Code

System Setup/Installation Guide

  1. Install Appwrite by following the installation guide.

  2. Open the Appwrite console and create a new project.

  3. Navigate to Database and add a new Collection called Photos.

  4. Add the following rules and permissions:


Label Key Type Required Array
Username username Text true false
Avatar avatar URL true false
Location location Text false false
Image imageUrl URL true false


Read Access: 'role:all'

Write Access: 'role:all'

5.Clone this repo

  git clone
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6.Install dependencies

  npm install
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7.From the Appwrite console, note down the API Endpoint, Project ID and Collection ID of the Photos Collection and enter these in src/config.js.

8.The project is ready to run! 🚀

  npm start
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Tech Stack Used

  • React
  • AppWrite

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