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Ryan McGovern
Ryan McGovern

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New to blogging

I have written a handful of news stories for College publications and other blogs, however I have never run my own blog with the intent of sharing my experiences before. Most of my previous content has been technology reviews, such as one on Phonebloks[1].

Phonebloks concept image
Phonebloks is an idea for a modular phone.

This blog is intended to be not only be a tie in with my portfolio site, but also an avenue for me to share my journey as I work towards making a legitimate business. With, I would like to create an end to end Development portfolio domain, hosting, and building platform. So far I have acquired the domain name, I have my portfolio, GitLab, and this blog running on it, and working on fleshing out concepts for the main website and the builder.

What is currently available on

For now, I am allowing people to claim a free subdomain of,,,, or All you have to do is email me at Make sure to include the subdomain you would like, as well as where you would like to point it. If you would like to host your portfolio or git on my servers, please include this inquiry in your email. Set pricing for hosting has not been established at this time.

Moving forward

If you would like to follow my progress with this company, as I progress through my career, and as I work on other progress, check back here or at regularly for updates.

This post has been changed slightly from my original blog post to include more recently acquired domains in my suite. I have plans for, and am working on, building a platform based around all of them.

  1. Phonebloks

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