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5 Easy Ways to Recognize Who Your Developer Super Fans Are

Your company has super fans, it’s a guaranteed, known fact. You would already be out of business by now if it wasn’t true. So how do you find them so that you engage with them and leverage them for good?


The customers that answer with a 9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10 are your super fans. These are the customers that are the repeat buyers and excited about your product. They are the customers that you need in your back pocket for future campaigns that your company may be focused on. These are the users that you should get to know, leverage and spend time engaging with them on a routine basis.

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Developers spend a bunch of their time on the internet. If they are not ones to use social media platforms, at the very least they are spending time on Stack Overflow or Reddit to get an answer to their latest development hurdle. By utilizing a social listening platform, you can start to monitor and track people who are talking about your product. There are a number of low-cost options out there, like Mention & Awario. Start listening, because your customers are talking, somewhere, online.


Your company’s online community platforms are going to be a fabulous place to start looking for your super fans. Community platforms may include places like Slack, a Facebook Group, Community or Support Forum and more. It’s pretty likely that your super fans are a part of these groups and they are usually the ones that are helping other customers find the answers they need. Dig deep into the metrics of your platforms to find the users that post the most, spend the most time there or answer the most questions — these are your super fans.


Search for your product or service—after your own results, what comes up next? Are there tutorials, blog posts, videos and other content focused around your product? I can guarantee there is. Spend time searching for this content and figure out who is producing it and what motivated them to do so.


While you are searching Google, you will likely find results from various developer communities, like Stack Overflow. If your product or services cater to developers, then you are bound to find your super fans answering questions in places like Stack Overflow. Do a site search on StackOverflow, Reddit, Quora &—your super fans are likely lingering in there somewhere.

You have super fans and you can do some powerful things with them.

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