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Discussion on: Will Native Development be dead for good in 2020?

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Thanks, I've been waiting for this question and the answer is NO. C is and will continue to be the most direct, performant, compatible and standardized language for all forseeable future. C compiled (machine code) binaries run faster in emulators than any of the competitors on native systems. C bindings have direct, uncluttered access to more systems functions than any other API. They can be recompiled for any hardware. They do outperform all lesser languages by a degree of magnitude. We don't use middleware upon middleware, we access the buffers and parse the data directly based on the most common standards. The loss of convenience pays back sevenfold in degree of control and level of detail. Native rules because it is directly corellated to how machines work. I know this because I've programmed computers since they came with basic shells, and I've seen every development. Nothing will replace C any time soon, and any investment in other languages is futile because native will prevail as it has for the last forty years. You just can't reach that level of control and performance any other way.