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re: Please use semantic html, right now this is very bad for accessibility. Use <form> and <label> to markup your code. #form-right could b...

This code is semantic enough. We can all tell what pieces of code go to what, and that's really all that matters now and all that ever mattered.

SCREW Semantic HTML. Does anyone think someone who can read the code of a webpage is not going to be able to determine the difference between the header and the sidebar when looking at the webpage? Does anyone think that a developer who is editing this code is going to be lost? No. The whole point of semantic html is to make life easier for google. And seriously, if there's no benefit to the website, I'm no longer willing to put an ounce of effort to appease google.


Wow. Lost for words. Have you ever considered a blind person using the web?

It is not about the developer, it is about accessibility.

Tutorials like this make accessibility hard. Juniors see this markup and think it's alright, which it is not. A few changes and it would have the accessibility basics covered.

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