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Travis Fantina • Edited

Just been getting back on the Boostrap train after a few years, man I love it. People say "everything looks like a Bootstrap website" but that's just because the devs were too lazy to style it, Bootstrap gives you the power to do pretty much whatever you want.

Not a fan of Bulma though, started using it on a project this spring and almost immediately canned it it's not accessible and the maintainers seem to have no interest in making it accessible. It shouldn't be used in production projects (although it is). Once it becomes accessible then I'd revisit it.

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Jesus Abril Author

Yes, you're right! Bootstrap is just amazing, and its new version is awesome, really powerful, and as you say many developers are just to lazy build something nice.
But would recommend you to use Tailwind, a bit complex, but once you get use of, I can say is too far from bootstrap (in front) :D

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Travis Fantina

I've gotten close a few times in personal projects, I wish I had a good use case at work, with personal projects it's always a fight to get things done or learn something new. Tailwind definitely looks cool I'm a big fan of the Refactoring UI guys in general, I'd love to try it out.