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Discussion on: Best Hosting for Developer (With Free Trial)

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Travis Fantina • Edited

I absolutely love my experience with DigitalOcean but lately I've realized that I don't want to spend my time provisioning Ubuntu servers, Nginx configurations, firewalls, etc. I have limited time to work on personal projects so for my personal projects I've been opting for Platforms as a Service that make hosting and deployments as simple as possible.

A few recommendations:

  • Heroku is the established contender in this arena, pretty simple deploys but powerful enough to be flexible.
  • Render I discovered this a few months ago, it's not overly flexible but it makes deploying a Rails app as easy as Vercel makes deploying a NextJS app.
  • Vercel I've only tried it with NextJS apps but deploying is a breeze.
  • Fly I haven't tried this one, heard good things and I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who had.

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