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Phase-2 'Attack of the Clones'

Well here we are again... time flies when you're having fun and learning something its of your interest.

I can't believe its week 5 already, it's scary to think I'm 1/3 of the way done. I've come so far already in such a short amount of time. I feel like I don't know enough, I felt the same way through Phase 1. For now... I'll trust the process and the truth is, in this field, the learning never stops.

As soon as Phase 2 started, I saw the opportunity to keep the Star Wars theme going. So without further or due...

A few weeks ago...
in this same galaxy...
in this same planet...
in this same continent...
in this same country...
in this same state... alright, city, school, building...

< Phase-2 > Attack of the Clones

< Week 4 /> // React

Well you might have noticed the first difference from last blog post... maybe not, its a subtle change on the sub-headers.. last blog post you saw '' here you see * * , this represents a Component in React. My view of a React Component is a way to "modularize" code, making it more readable and easier to understand.

At the start of week 4, I started seeing why and how it is important to learn Vanilla-JS. React is basically a more user friendly JS interface. It allows you to modularize your html sections into Components, code using an implicit syntax and ease your code readability as well.

The reason I felt like this blog could continue our Star Wars theme was because, to me, React is just a clone of Vanilla-JS with small tweaks, making it more accepting... just like the movies.

Having the experience of Phase 1 / Week 1, the nightmare of feeling behind and feeling lost pushed me to stay on track with my lecture topics as well as the material that was assigned by our instructor, I never felt behind or clueless of what we were talking about.

Since React is a Clone of V-JS, but better. All I had to do was adjust my thought process and transfer my Phase 1 knowledge to React's ways of thinking. The knowledge transfer was smoother than I expected, specially after I had another "click" moment.

< Week 5 /> // Code Challenge

The ideas and workflow clicked for me late last week and during the weekend. I came into this week ready to rock my CC, feeling confident. We worked through some pairing labs and more CC practices, I felt solid on my workflow, my creativity so solve problems and work my way around issues. I have become more proficient with those situations. Neat to see how we can adapt and learn in such little time.

At this point I have been able to identify the things that have helped me learn; repetition, not rushing through topics, being ahead of class lectures, and staying stoked about learning.

I started working on my Phase 2 Project, trying to get ahead of the curve and be able to focus on preparing for Phase 3 by < Mid-Week 6 />. I was able to approach it that way at the end of Phase 1, hoping to keep it that way.

CC: I was able to finish all core deliverables within 30min and handle the rest of Advanced Deliverables in another 15min.

45min total time of CC for Phase-2. Relief at last, the build up to Code Challenges are usually pretty stressful, its just hammering down the content you learned last week.. repetition, repetition, repetition. Thats all it takes.

< Week 6 /> //Project week

I pretty much had a good wireframe for my Phase-2 Project, by the time Monday came around I had it pretty much done and only needed to adjust add {BrowserRouter, Routes, Route, NavLink, Link}

After that was all set and done, I was started working on my CSS, using TailwindCSS and DaisyUI, great resources and easy to learn... however, at the end of the day I didn't like how it all looked and I figured I could add other features to it. So I started and Alt-Phase2 Project. Something I could envision a bit better, deal with a bit more complex data structure and include {useParams, useHistory} and play with those Hooks.

Today is Thursday. Project 1 is done, meeting all deliverables. Project 2, working on it. Going back and forth on either finishing it and delivering it as my main, or I can focus on Phase-3 Ruby 🛑

                         *... TO BE CONTINUED NEXT PHASE*
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