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NoobCMS: Font Awesome Integration

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What is Font Awesome?

Font awesome is a library of icons compiled to help you make integrate icons in your project very fast, easily and without a need to store or edit images.


Font Awesome Website

Now once you register, you can only use 1 free kit to integrate, into your website which comes with 1500+ icons, so that does give you all what you need.

Alt Text

Now once you open the kit, you will have an integration URL, something like this.

Alt Text

We copy this URL and paste it into the HEAD tag of our login.php

Alt Text

Now lets get to font awesome icon and integrate an icon for our login button.


Alt Text

Click on the sign-in-alt icon

Alt Text

Now you see the tag, this is the code to call the icon. Paste it in between the button.

Alt Text

Lets save and refresh our browser

Alt Text

We have an icon. Cheers... :)

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