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Discussion on: Should you create an online store with Vanilla JS?

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ThabisoMagwaza Author

I actually got so frustrated that I didn't finish the project with the vanilla stuff😅. So the stack I went with was Pug for the Markup, I like how using indentation instead of the tags makes the markup smaller and more readable while also allowing me to separate the files. I went with SASS for the styling and I used parcel-bundler to separate the JS using ES6 modules.

I haven't quite dabbled with web components yet. Would you prefer those over a framework?

lit-htlm looks absoulutely lit🔥. I'll definitely play around with it. Thanks for the comment man😁

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David Pereira

I'm still learning more about web components 😅, but as of now if I were to build a big project. I'd probably choose a library or framework.

I'd like to play more with web components in svelte, maybe polymer. Currently I'm just checking Salesforce Lightning Web Components 🙂