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Discussion on: How was it when you started to code?

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Thalles Henrique • Edited on

I started in college, with Python. I remember I was so confused about code identation rules, and on exams we have to "code on paper". So, to address the problem of not knowing the correct place to end conditional or method statement, my teacher invented a "vertical line" workaround, teaching us to put lines in start of statement until the end of it. One semester later, we switched from Python to Java, for learning object-oriented programming. And again, I was in trouble: this time, for mark the end of statements, I used a numbered circle to mark the start and end (ex.: ยน{ }ยน).
Now, it's at least an irony: I was so used with Java that completely forgot Python. Needed to re-study it to start the project I'm currently working in (and until now, even developed some Django modules for our application, I'm still committing the mistake of using { instead of : ๐Ÿ˜‚)