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Discussion on: React Clean Code - Simple ways to write better and cleaner code

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Tyler Hawkins Author

Interesting! I think the only time I've used an approach like that is when using something like react-responsive and their MediaQuery component, which is basically the same idea. But for code I control, I can't say I've ever reached for this technique.

What are your thoughts? Do you like this pattern better than explicitly using ternaries or && operators?

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Ivan Pozderac

I think it is neat way to handle conditional rendering that is OK to use for simpler cases only.

I found parts of the app that had that utility component stacked one on top of the other with various different conditions and it felt bizarre and too hacky.

I used it only recently in the code base that already had it. In all other projects I am more comfortable with using && and ternaries as I find them easier to read and understand what is going on, also feels more natural to me.