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How to Convert HTML Tables into Beautiful PDFs

Tyler Hawkins on November 10, 2020

Web apps that contain tables, charts, and graphs often include an option to export the data as a PDF. Have you ever wondered, as a user, what's go...
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You should also check out and maybe There are lots of rendering tools that have the complete CSS Paged Media Draft implemented.

Some of them you could try out on my website

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Tyler Hawkins Author

The interactive playground you have on your PrintCSS site is really neat! Thanks for sharing and for your work on this.

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Luuk Lamers

I think it would be added value if you also tested whether the text is still selectable in the PDF (probably not the case with jsPDF), whether table styling can be controlled with print media styles and whether the document padding and margin can be changed with pages media css styles.

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manish srivastava

Thanks for sharing

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Bill Raymond

You are right. I have been looking to see what’s under the hood, so thank you! Do you know if any of these can be used at build time for static sites like Jekyll?