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Discussion on: PHP 7.2: The First Programming Language to Add Modern Cryptography to its Standard Library

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It does do all that pretty much. It's not an OOP language.

For example:

"some plaintext" "mypassword" "salt" 100 cr:genkey
cr:>encrypt cr:encrypt>

After that, you'll have an AES+GCM+256 encrypted buffer. You could also have skipped all the "mypassword"... genkey by using cr:randkey ... but then you would need to store that key somewhere.

If you choose to use CTR mode, you need to supply an IV, but the default is GCM.

Oh, and the reason there are two encrypt words there, is that one starts encryption and the other ends it. You can keep adding stuff to be encrypted, so for example you could encrypt a very large data stream on the fly if you wanted.

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Scott Arciszewski Author


  1. 8th isn't really a well-known language. It's not even in the less than 0.1% section of the server-side or client-side lists.
  2. According to your manual, you're still offering RSA for public-key encryption. (It doesn't specify which mode you're using but hopefully it isn't PKCS1v1.5.) This disqualifies 8th for being modern crypto. You want ECDH over a twist-secure Montgomery curve, preferably Curve25519 or Curve448.