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How To Improve Your Productivity.

I have been struggling to get things done because of procrastinating and a lack of self-discipline.

I decided to bring that to an end and research ways I could improve my productivity to get more things done.

I discovered some of the methods I have been using and that you too can use to beat procrastination, build self-discipline and get more things done.

1. The 20/20/20 Formula

This is a morning routine I have installed in my life to help me manage my mornings.

It involves dividing the first hour after waking up into three sections of twenty minutes each.

The first twenty minutes of the formula require that you move.

It involves doing some exercise or workout first thing every morning.

This will revolutionize the quality of your days.

The second twenty minutes are supposed to be for reflecting, praying, meditating, or planning for the day.

This will help you boost your self-awareness, dissolve stress, fuel your happiness and restore your inner peace.

The third twenty minutes are centered around ensuring that you are inspired or motivated.

Use this time to watch or read something that inspires you or motivates you to go for what you want for yourself in life.

2. The 90/90/1 Rule

This rule suggests that for the next 90 days, schedule yourself to invest the first 90 minutes of your workday on one activity that when completed at world-class, will cause you to own your field.

This 90-minute period must be completely free of any noise and interruptions.

3. The 60/10 Method

This method suggests that you work at your best for 60 minutes straight while sitting or standing quietly.

Just concentrate and create the highest results you can possibly make.

After your 60-minute productivity sprint is done, refuel for 10 minutes.

Start over again and repeat.

4. The Daily 5 Concept

This concept suggests that you list five things you wish to accomplish over the day.

Start with the most important thing that needs to get done and move in that order.

This will help you feel that your day was one that was well spent.

5. The Weekly Design System

This system suggests that you set aside 30 minutes early each Sunday morning to create your "Blueprint for a beautiful week."

Start the process by reflecting on the highlights from the just-finished week.

Then record the lessons you learned and improvements for making the coming week.

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