Rejected from a top tech company? Build a side project.

Jeff Meyerson on October 01, 2019

You made it through the online coding problem nonsense. You endured the tedious whiteboarding problems. You sat before the condescending interviewe... [Read Full]
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This is the most interesting and 'confidence boosting' post I have ever read because truth be told I was already feeling useless. Almost as if you wrote it for me because I have lost track of my rejections and I'm still currently jobless.
Thank you! Signed up on findCollabs too so should be fun!!


Really glad to hear that. Keep pushing. For most people, it gets easier over the years. You learn that this is just a dumb game that we are all playing in the tech industry, and it's similar to when someone forces you to play a board game that you don't want to play.

It's not a great game, but you should either keep focused on winning that game or find out some other game to play. (I hope FindCollabs is an alternative game.)


Neat. Great idea for a site.

The main page is quite scrolly on DT. Had you considered doing something tiled or columned?


Yea the UX of the feed definitely needs work. But I like the experience of the single scrolly feed.

Quora is cool in that it's a feed but also has horizontal feed modules in it. So maybe something like that?


If it were a wider column, like side by side image/text, it would be more informative and take less space. It could then switch to the toptext/bottom image for mobile views.

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