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Goodbye World

Wooden H Studio
Game Studio of Full Sail University students working on a currently unnamed spyro game.
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As you can tell by the title of this article. Our studio is closing up shop. Wooden H Studio is canceling our unnamed Spyro clone and disbanding our studio for several reasons.

Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Wooden H Studio has decided to disband. We have lost several key team members on our team and the project can no longer continue with our original vision. The remaining team members decided that it is no longer in our best interest to continue to move forward with this project.

A Word from the Former Development Lead

"I just want to say I am honored to have led such a talented team of developers. Although we are going our separate ways now I will still remember you all as my teammates. It was fun while it lasted."
- Joseph Whittington (Former Development Lead)

A Word from the Former Art Director

"I had an awesome time working on this project with the team. We didn’t end up reaching our goal, but it was a great learning experience that I’m very thankful I got to be a part of. I hope to see everyone who worked on the project go on to do great things in their careers!"
- Ashton Ritzel (Former Art Director)

Goodbye from all of us at Wooden H Studio

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