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Discussion on: My Favorite Software Development Podcasts

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Allen Underwood

Hi @rachel - your opening paragraph about how most end up in the "podcast graveyard" is one thing that drives me crazy too! I want some continuity - Might I suggest checking out the Coding Blocks podcast - I'm one of the co-hosts of that and similar to how you describe the Rabbit Hole (I'm going to be checking that one out now too) - we don't focus on any one particular language - it's more about helping developers master what they do and make them aware of things that maybe they wouldn't know about because they can't study this stuff 24 hours a day! Would love for you to give it a shot and hear your thoughts!

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Rachel Soderberg Author

I will certainly check it out! I have a long commute in the mornings and that's spent either podcasting or studying French, so I'm always looking for more material to consume!