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Managing Your State Navigation Data is a Breeze Using Angular and Akita

The Akita ng-router-store is a neat package offered to Akita users, which enables binding the Angular router state to an Akita store. The benefits of this approach are:

  • The router state is stored in an Akita store named router, which serves as the single source of truth for things such as URL, state data parameters, query parameters, etc.
  • Our components don’t have to be familiar with the data source. The RouterQuery can be injected in any one of the queries to create an encapsulated derived selector.
  • The library exposes Akita style queries, saving you from dealing with all the required boilerplate code.
  • We can examine the current router state in the Redux devtools and perform ‘time-traveling’. To get started, install the package and add it, as well as Akita’s devtools module, to the app module:

At this point you should see the router store in the Redux devtools, and you have at your disposal the following query API:

For example, let’s say we want to query the current entity based on the URL id parameter, we can do the following in our ArticlesQuery class:

And use it in our component:

Voila — easy breezy navigation management!

Last but not least: A new version of Akita just landed in Github! You can check out the breaking changes and the new features here.

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