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Discussion on: Promoting myself in a Hacker Con

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Anthony Bouvier

Do people still use QR codes and have the scanning apps readily on their phones? It's a cool idea, but I haven't scanned a QR code in years (except for cyptocurrencies and the apps for that wouldn't do anything with your QR code tattoo).

I love the enthusiasm though and I hope it gets you the views of your CV that you want! Best of luck!

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Paula Author

Thanks! well, some phones (mine for example) can scan QR codes even with the standard camera. It's not widely used, but there's a chance in a tech convention full of tech geeks, they have such scanners. Let's hope!

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

QR codes are REALLY big in China. It's one of their main form of communications, mostly because their biggest social network WeChat uses them for everything.

Snapchat also bought a QR code scanning company for $50M, and they're seeing a rise again in the US. They definitely fell off the bandwagon for a while though.