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COVID-19 Impact on Future Jobs

"Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.”

-John Adams

COVID-19 has shaken the world in all aspects. The world's population is suffering, people are forced to change their normal lifestyle in order to survive in this pandemic. The world's economic condition is affected. As a result, companies are either cutting salaries or laying off employees, making it more difficult for people in this chaos. But the most important questions are what will be the future, how this pandemic will affect future jobs, what will be the case with fresh graduates, about how much opportunities they'll get and a lot more.

So I,m going to discuss few points answering to these questions -

Full-time jobs?

Keeping in mind the current scenario, the full-time jobs will be seen less as companies will try to get their job done through contract-based workers. The jobs like parking attendants or elevator operators will disappear as companies will not spend their money on these. Companies will try to hire full-time workers only that much which will be required. So the competition will be more.

Remote jobs

Even if this pandemic will be over the world will take some time to get back to normal. And during this, the remote job will be in trend as like now. And as the contract-based works will increase the freelancers will get more opportunities. And that would lead to creating more space for remote jobs in the market.


As most of the companies are facing a financial crisis due to current economic conditions. As a result, maybe the salary of the current employers will be cut and also the salary of new employees will be less than usual. While for the case of contract workers the salary would vary according to the value they would provide to the company.

Entry of new kind of jobs in market

After this pandemic as the world will start to restore, new fields will start emerging especially in the medical and health department. Therefore more researchers or think-tankers would be required. There would be an improvement in the technological sector thus more and more IT guys would be required. This will lead to the generation of new jobs in the market.

Case of fresh graduates

As the competition will be more, the companies will look for fresh graduates who have better skills so that they don't have to spend much money on their training period. The candidates who will require less training or the training which can be managed remotely will have higher chances of securing the job. So it will be a little tough for the fresh graduates and the universities will have to provide more training to their students than usual.

Skills vs Qualification

No. of requirements will be less so companies will demand candidates having better skills rather than better qualifications. The value you can provide to the company will be more impactful than your qualifications. Your skills will portray your knowledge better than your qualifications to the employer.


This will be a major factor for sustainability in a company as companies will require employees who can adapt to newer technologies when required. If you love to try the latest technologies then it's an advantage for you. As it will help you to achieve more than others while you are in a job.


As quoted above "Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” So even after all this, there will be jobs in the market moreover new jobs are going to emerge. So opportunities will remain the same or slightly less but there will be jobs. Therefore the fresh graduates should not worry about these and rather should focus on their skills development and try to push more and they'll surely land their dream job :)

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