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Thanks for sharing your point of view. I'm still a fan of Elm because of the ideas it represents and how fun it was to write browser code in a functional language with a strong type system. I never got to a point where I was willing to campaign for it at work, do I like hearing from people using it on the regular.

I don't have too much to add but you mentioned exploring other options.

I took a good crack at ReasonML this summer and worked with a port of the Elm architecture:

I only found one other mention of Reason in the comments and no mention of Bucklescript. Also, to head you off at the pass if you have beef with the Reason syntax: just use OCaml if you get it; the syntax is not the point, the ideas, compiler, and libraries are the point.

Bucklescript is fantastic, well thought out, and advancing regularly. Reason itself has a very nice JS interop story. The compiler (Bucklescript) is really smart and has had the code elimination story down for a while now.

Maybe you'll find something you like there.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of my job where I still write CoffeeScript for a living. At least you have fun something more fun to complain about ;)

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