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Top Edpresso shots-May 2020

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Happy June 1st!

Many great shots were written by our contributor community last month, but the ones below received the most attention from our viewers.

Give the shots below a read and see what you think ☕️

1.What is Prettier?
"Prettier is an opinionated code formatter that supports a lot of different programming languages." This shot brings readers through how to set up the code formatter, how to create a configuration file in your project, and how to use Prettier in tandem with ESLint to take "their productivity to the next level." Check out Nathan Sebhastian's Educative profile for more shots written by him.

2.A brief intro to the product manager role by Victor Ogundola briefly goes into what a product manager is and the types of product managers that exist. If you think you may be interested in product management, then you will definitely be interested in this shot. Check out Victor Ogundola's Educative profile to learn more about him.

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3.How to print the nodes of a binary tree in sorted order looks at in-order traversal, which is one of the three most popular ways to traverse a binary tree data structure. In his shot, Javin Paul goes over the basic steps you need to follow to start traversing and explains the algorithm used to implement in-order traversals. Check out Javin Paul's Educative profile to learn more about him.

4.What is transfer learning and why is it needed?
“Transfer learning is the idea of overcoming the isolated learning paradigm and utilizing knowledge acquired for one task to solve related ones.” Harsh Jain’s shot covers what transfer learning is and why Andrew Ng (a renowned professor and data scientist) called it “the next driver of ML commercial success.” Take a read to understand more about this “technique for building complex deep learning models using pre-trained models” or check out Harh Jain's Educative profile for more shots written by him.

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5.The Kubernetes architecture simplified is our top shot for the month of May. Mohan Pawar gives a high-level overview of the Kubernetes architecture and lists its key design principles in this very easy-to-digest article. Check out Mohan Pawar's Educative profile to learn more about him.

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