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This week, I...

Finally got my 'medicine 3.0' blog, regenerative times, off the ground.. after a year of thinking about doing it.

One thing that held me up was whether or not i used a blogging engine i wrote and am fond of, or wordpress. Another thing that held me up is my perfectionism. I spent 4 months trying to come up with a perfect logo.

Finally i decided, screw it, i'll use a mockup of the final logo and just launch the thing and get started. A good logo can come later. Nobody is going to hyperfocus on that - it's all about having quality content.

So i kicked it off by writing content.

I think as the stash of content grows, i'll get more and more bugged by the logo until i go nuts and spend a whole weekend on it. But i can't let my perfectionism stop me from executing on good ideas anymore.

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